Thursday, August 16, 2007

Indian Vegetable Soup in Creamy Italian Broth

Hey All! I am back and I am back with this fusion Indo-Italian Soup and a wonderful news to share with you all. The good news is we are expecting OUR FIRST CHILD..... I know you all must be very surprised, isn't it, but that's true. After completing my first trimester in June, we went to India for a month to attend my sister, Neha's Wedding and have just come back on 7Th of August. Now, I'll try to be regular on my blog, but hey, still can't promise for sure. The baby has already started governing my life ;)) In my first 3 months, I was totally off food, no cooking, so experimenting with food was a far away thing for me, but now things have changed again. So, here I am..... back to share my recipes and experiences with you all. I would also like to thank all my blogger buddies for visiting my blog off and on and leaving their wonderful comments for me. So, lets start by cooking something that will satisfy your taste buds for sure...


Onion (1, Finely Chopped)
Garlic (2 Cloves, Finely Chopped)
Tomato (2, Chopped)
Spinach (1/2 of the 8oz box of Frozen Spinach)
Chicken Broth (1, 8oz Can)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Vegetable oil (1 Tbsp)

For White Sauce:

Butter (2 Tbsp)
All-Purpose Flour (3 Tbsp)
Milk (2.5 Cups, at Room Temperature)
Cream (5 Tbsp)
Black Pepper (to Taste)
Salt (to Taste)


  1. Start by making white sauce for the soup. Heat butter in a pan and add flour to it. Fry it till the raw flour taste goes away.
  2. Add room temperature milk to the pan and stir until the sauce thickens.
  3. Now add cream, salt and black pepper and stir again. Keep aside.
  4. In a large pan, heat oil and fry chopped onions and garlic in it.
  5. Now add chicken broth to it and let it come to a boil.
  6. Add spinach and white sauce to it and stir well. Let it simmer for 5-7 minutes on a medium flame.
  7. Serve it hot garnished with fresh chopped tomatoes and garlic bread on the side.
Tip: To make it completely vegetarian don't use chicken broth. You can also use diced Carrots and mushrooms in it to make it more nutritious. But don't forget to fry mushrooms with garlic and onion.


indosungod said...

Nidhi, Congratulation! Nice to see you back. That is a filling soup. Looks good.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Nidhi..We really missed your blogs...Welcome Back..

Pragyan said...

Hi Nidhi, Welcome back and congratulations! It must be so exciting. Love your cake pics!

Unknown said...

Hi Nidhi, wonderful recipes and very picturesque and mouth-watering ones.I am going to try some soon.My blog is

Bhawna said...

Hey Nidhi
Congratulations, Welcome back
(By the way how's everyth in meerut
i'm also from meerut )
Take care & enjoy

Anonymous said...

congratulations Nidhi. Thats some great news..

archana said...

Congratulations Nidhi, what a splendid news !!! Take care and enjoy your days.

Saju said...

Hey! Congratulations, double actually for baby and sister's wedding.
The soup looks yummy.

Hyderabadi's said...

Hi Nidhi,

Congrulations and good luck. Good to see you back :)


welcome back Delicious start I must say

Sumitha said...

Nidhi,Congratulations to you and hubby!

Bong Mom said...

Just now saw this. Congrats and take care :)

Swati said...

Hi Nidhi
Just landed up on your've got a lot of interesting stuff...with winters setting in this soup looks a veggie so will try out with mushrooms...even sandesh is one of my favs.
Do visit my blog too!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Nidhi! I hope you are doing well and all the best!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

congratulations. and its good to see you back!

Mythreyee said...

How will this be in vegetable broth?

This is a wonderful recipe. Thanks.

Mythreyee said...

Congratulations...nidhi...I am sure it must be very exciting. enjoy every moment.

Mythreyee said...

I shall try this using vegetable broth. very good recipe. thanks.

Mythreyee said...

Dear Nidhi,

Wish you and your family a wonderful New Year 2008 !

Best wishes and season's greetings from,


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A_and_N said...

Indian veggies in Italian thats what I call world harmony :) Looks really hearty.

And the wedding're kidding me! that looks like a wax statue or something...really life-like! Absolutely picture perfect :)

Rajani said...

Congratulations!!!!! love your blog. your pics are amazing, especially the cakes. I was in meerut for awhile too - my folks were posted there years ago. Eat lots of veggies, the soup looks good. When I was pregnant with my baby - I made sure I ate a variety of tastes. except non-veg cos i don't eat meat. apparantly from the 6th month onwards babies can taste! and the only time I ever kept a cook was during my pregnancy as I couldnt bear the sight of the kitchen!!! Just looking at food cooking and utensild lying around would throw me in a temper! anyways all the best!

Rajani said...

hi nidhi, had dropped by your blog sometime back - and left comments as well - they don;t seem to have showed up. anyways, just want to tell you you have some wonderful recipes out here and I am glad to have found your blog.

Anonymous said...

You write very well.

Swapna said...

Hello.. I just found your blog...just in time to get your good news..congrats!! said...

Cngratulatins Nidhi ... Loved ur cake pics

Anonymous said...

i definitely love your own posting way, very charming,
don't quit and keep writing simply because it simply just worth to look through it.
looking forward to look at alot more of your content pieces, have a pleasant day ;)

Knorr Soup said...

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Notcathy said...

Hi Nidhi,

Welcome back and thanks for the soup it looks yummy and healthy.. Congratulations and keep safe!