Monday, January 22, 2007

3 Things MEME & An Inspiration!

I would like to thank my friend and fellow blogger Maheswari of 'Beyond the Usual' for tagging me for 3 Things MEME. I enjoyed writing it a lot. Thanks once again... Enjoy!

Three things/ People that make me laugh

  1. My sister.
  2. Watching Raymond.
  3. When some people say they know a certain thing for years and actually they don't have a clue of it.

Three things that scare me

  1. Driving in snow.
  2. Being alone at home at night.
  3. Sitting in a roller-coaster ride.

Three things I love

  1. Apart from cooking, I love gardening, drawing and other crafts.
  2. I love Cooking for myself as well as for others.
  3. I love getting dressed in traditional outfits.

Three things I hate

  1. I hate Tofu, even though its very healthy.
  2. I hate those who back bite.
  3. I hate myself (sometimes) for not keeping my body fit.

Three things I don’t understand

  1. Why I become so impatient sometimes..
  2. Geeky science stuff.
  3. Politics

Three things on my desk

  1. Our Photograph.
  2. My cell Phone.
  3. Fresh Flowers.

Three things I am doing right now

  1. Writing MEME for the first time.
  2. Listening to some good old Hindi songs.
  3. Looking back in years.

Three things I want to do before I die

  1. I want to be famous ;)
  2. I want to give someone deserving (who cannot afford, but want to..), a gift of education.
  3. I want to see my family here in the U.S., enjoying life as much as I do.

Three things I can do

  1. I can try to make someone comfortable, whose in pain..
  2. I can try to learn, as much as I can, because learning never ends.
  3. I can make tasty food ;)

Three things I cannot do

  1. I cannot swim.
  2. I cannot sing.
  3. I cannot see someone suffering.

Three things you should listen to

  1. Listen to your elders.
  2. I love to listen to Aartis in the morning, infact I don't like Alarm clocks for making me wake up but these aartis work best for me.
  3. News.

Three things I'd like to learn

  1. I would love to learn, how to swim, because then I can enjoy water.
  2. I wanna learn how to keep myself fit along with eating all the wonderful food I wanna eat.
  3. Yoga

Three favourite foods

  1. Mummy ke haath ka khana.
  2. Bengali Rasgulla.
  3. Idli & Dosa.

Three beverages I drink regularly

  1. Water
  2. Jal-Jeera
  3. Milk

TV shows I watched as a kid

  1. Hum-Log
  2. Mungeri Lal ke Haseen Sapne
  3. Nukad

Three books I read as a kid

  1. Rusee Lok Kathaaye
  2. Little Red Robbin hood
  3. Snow White

Three fellow bloggers I would like to tag

  1. Priya
  2. Meena
  3. Trupti

I would also like to Thank Archana of 'Spicyana' for giving me a lot of inspiration to learn how to make the wonderful cakes that she makes and posts on her blog. Hey, Archana... Thanks a lot, I am trying to follow your foot steps and here is my first attempt, my first cake that I decorated... Looking forward for your feedback and of everyone else. Enjoy!


Sandeepa said...

Wow Nidhi, the cake looks awesome. You did decorate it beautifully
Loved reading your meme. But one of your wish is already granted "you are already famous" :)

Hyderabadi's said...

Nice cake Nidhi!
Thanks for tagging me:)

Seema said...

Great looking cake buddy!!! lovely decoration. Good going gal.

swapna said...

hi nidhi

wonderful decorated cake..and a nice u wished u are already famous...right..all the best for future..:-))

Asha said...

A well done MeMe!

A very nicelt decorated cake!YUM!:))

Mallika said...

Really sweet meme. I remember Mungheri lal ka hasin sapne! Ha ha. Brought back the giggles...

That cook looks so amazing. I haven't baked in ages!!

Sri said...

Wow Nidhi that's really a beautiful cake.

TRS said...

So nice to read about you, Nidhi! Thanks for tagging me..I already did this meme a while ago..but I deleted some personal posts a while back... but thanks again! ohh...and,Nukkad was one of my most loved shows back in India...


USHA said...

Hi Nidhi,

Your Meme was intersting, cake looks beautiful...

Sushma said...

I liked your meme. reminded some good old days...Nukad, Mungari lal ke hasin sapne :-) . The cake looks delicious

Vcuisine said...

Nidhi, the cake looks so nice. Neat job. So you want to learn swimming and yoga, come to me. I love these two and I regularly practice it. Eating healthy food, that's a good decision. you can contact me through email. We can share our views. Nice to know about you. Enjoyed reading it :) Viji

Lisa said...

Hallo Nidhi....
I found your comment in my blog, Thank you for visiting...]

Your cake looks beautiful and very neat. I wish I can do the same.
I'm adding you to my list.

Spicelover said...

Hi Nidhi
This is my first time here. You have a wonderful blog. Excellent pictures and really innovative recipes. I have bookmarked it and will read at leisure. Great job!!

Pooja said...

No one can believe that its your first trial with cake.
i enjoy readin your meme , its nice to know more about some one you know . :)
you cake is a perect match for theme of this week , see deatils on my blog. you can participate with this if you wish :)
Did I tell you i love all kinds cakes too much, send me some please to have it with me :))

Lakshmik said...

Hi Nidhi

The cake looks like a piece of art. Nice meme too.

Lakshmiammal said...

Your cake deco looks like a colorful duppatta on a beautiful girl!Great job girl!

RP said...

I remember watching Mungeri Lal ke Haseen Sapne too. The cake looks great. Care to tell us how you made it?

Maheswari said...

Thanks nidhi for taking up the meme.Cake looks great.Hard to believe it's your first attempt..

archana said...

Lovely ! Lovely! Congratulations Nidhi,the cake looks awesome. The stars are very evenly piped, that is very impressive.Way to go !! But i am not suprised though, with your talents and artistic instinct cake decoration must be piece of cake for you. Wish you all the best ,i will be glad to help with what i know. Thank you for all those kind words.

Linda said...

Hi Nidhi, your cake looks just beautiful!

Anita said...

I read Roosi Lok Kathayen too...and it is a book I recall many times...full of great stories.

HariPriya said...

Cake looks simply Perfect...ur meme is vry intresting!!! thnx for sharing

Coffee said...

The cake looks.... looks.... no words!!!!! Thats called creativity!!!

Nice meme Nidhi :)

Pooja said...

hi Nidhi,
thanks for your entry .
its gonna shine like a star in the night with all the other entries for republic day !

sra said...

nice cake, nice meme!

Nidhi said...

Thanks Sandeepa, Priya, Seema, Swapna, Asha, Mallika, Sri, Trupti, Usha, Sushma, Vcuisine, Lisa, Spicelover, Pooja, Lakshmik, Lakshmiammal, RP, Maheshwari, Archana, Linda, Annita, Haripriya, Coffee and Sra....

Good to know that you all enjoyed reading my 'MEME for 3 Things' and liked my first ever decorated cake :D!

Hey Trupti, its fine, never mind :)

Thanks Vcuisine for the suggestions, you can also mail me at :)

Lisa, Spicelover and Haripriya... Welcome to my blog. Keep visiting for more.

Thanks Archana, I will definitely come to you if i'll have any doubts.