Monday, January 15, 2007

Tomato Bisque Soup, my way..

It was a chilling winter evening and I didn't felt like cooking anything at home, but was really feeling like eating some thing hot and spicy. Abhi generally comes back home at around 6:00-6:30 and needs a hot cup of Masala Chai and something to munch, as soon as he arrives...That day it was only 5:00 in the evening, I called him and said, "can you bring something from Wendy's Carry-out??" He was a little surprised to hear that, because its always like he wanna buy stuff from outside bring it home and eat, while relaxing in the sofa and watching 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and I am the opposite of him. The moment he comes back home, I keep myself ready, so that we can go and eat out, no matter how cold it is outside.

In a rush to come back home, he forgot to bring food from Wendy's. He was trying to make it up by giving me so many different options, but...I was very upset. He knows I love soups and won't refuse a nice bowl of soup. We have a 'W.G. Grinders' near to our home, we went there had a nice 'spicy and toasty chicken sub' with a bowl of soup, which I never had before. It was looking like Indian tomato soup and was very yummy! I had the whole bowl.. :)

The other day, some of our friends were coming for dinner and I thought why not to try that soup. I searched a lot of recipes online and finally I made it. It was a big hit among our friends and specially the kids. So, here is my version of Tomato bisque soup, which is a fusion of Indian and Italian flavours...

Serves 6


Tomatoes (8-10, Large, Red and Juicy)
Carrot (1, Sliced)
Red Bell-Pepper (1/2, Chopped)
Red Onion (1 Large, Finely chopped)
Heavy Whipping Cream (1/4 Cup)
Ginger (2 Tsp, Grated)
Garlic (4-6 Cloves, Grated)
Chicken/Vegetable broth (4 cups)
Dried Methi leaves (1 Tsp)
Mixture of Italian herbs and spices (1 Tsp)
Sugar (2 Tsp)
Black Pepper (to Taste)
Salt (to Taste)
Olive Oil (1 Tbsp)
Red Food color (10 Drops)
Cream (2 Tbsp, for garnishing)
Green Onion (2, Finely chopped, for garnishing)

  1. In a pressure cooker, boil all the vegetables, with a little salt and Dried Methi leaves and italian spices along with half of each onion, ginger and garlic in chicken/vegetable broth. After a whistle, put off the gas and let it cook in pressure.
  2. Now open the pressure cooker lid and let it cool completely. Then puree it in a blender. Strain and Keep aside.
  3. Heat oil in a deep pan and fry the remaining onions, ginger and garlic until golden brown.
  4. Now add salt and pepper along with sugar. Cook for 30 seconds.
  5. Add the pureed vegetables along with food color and let it simmer for 20-30 minutes.
  6. Put of the gas and add heavy whipping cream.
  7. Reheat on low flame and serve garnished with chopped green onions and cream along with some fresh croutons.

Note: Add Beetroot for color instead of food color, it will act as a natural coloring agent. To reduce the calories even more, you can add 1/2 cup of whole milk instead of 1/4 cup of cream, but then you have to cook it more to bring it to a right consistensy.


Anonymous said...

Great soup, I am not great soup fan, but yours looks great...I can smell the aroma from here...thanks for sharing....

Anonymous said...

Hi Nidhi,

Wonderful and healthy recipe!!I really like the way you write your posts.Though I have been visiting your blog only since a week but I already feel as though I have known you for long.
I did see your ack for my comment.Thanks a lot I shall definetly ask whatever doubts I have whenever I try out your recipes.I was searching high and low for an email id on your blog but couldn't find one.I just wanted to share the picture of bell pepper rings and kadhi (both were your recipes).Anyways thanks a lot for sharing your recipes.

Anu :)

Sia's corner said...

hi nidhi...
we had big bowl of mixed veg soup yesterday and i was thinking which soup to make for tonight's dinner... girl u saved me from googling:) i need to search for some ingredients like italian herb or i might omit them:) thanks for the tip of using beetroot instead of coloring agents i loath using any artificial colour to food... it ruins the look of any dish u create:) will let u know how it turns out:) and hey i have kasoori methi, i guess its same dry methi...

Asha said...

Great looking soup,Nidhi!Hope you win that competition girl! I really do,you are good!:))

jacob said...

nidhi, the soup looks awesome. just the sort of thing for a cold evening.

Sri said...

I love tomato soup...Can i have that bowl of soup Nidhi. :)

Hema said...

Hi Nidhi,

Nice blog you have here. Am adding you to my blogroll. Love the soup and the bell pepper rings. You were on Emeril live? Too bad I missed the show! Am off to vote for your recipe right now. You are going to be a two time celebrity soon!

Sandeepa said...

The soup looks sooo good Nidhi and loved your story too :)
I liked the way you served it also

Seema said...

Nidhi, Lovley presentation as always lady. And loved the fact that its so simple to make yet healthy and looks great. Will try it out sometime soon as i am a big soup fan.

TRS said...

Hi Nidhi,
I really like Tomato Bisque Soup..the cream in it gives it such a nice and delicate flavor. Wonderful post as usual, my dear.
Will go and vote again for the recipe!


swapna said...

hi nidhi

nice soup..
will try this hubby don't like like tomatoes too much..but i am a fan of tomato soup..willllllllllll try for myself..:-))

Just for fun said...

Wow! Nidhi thanks a lot. I am looking for a tomato soup for a long time. Will try this and let you know.

Jasmine said...


Soup looks fantastic.Sometimes soups can be a complete meal for us with a sandwich.It is nutritious and filling.I will try this recipe.


Russ said...

Hi Nidhi,
Thank you so much for the great compliments! I definitely plan on trying your recipe at home to see how it compares with our soup. Thank you for your patronage!

Linda said...

Hi Nidhi, lovely tomato soup! Thanks for sharing that -- love soups for this cold weather moving in :)

Coffee said...

Simply delicious!!!!!! And a lovely post. :)

viji said...

A nice soup for this winter. Nice presentation Nidhi. Each one's preparation has got their own touch. I like this way. Tks for sharing. Viji

Vini K said...

Hi Nidhi,great combination of indian and italian flavours here!dried methi and italian spice, to try this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nidhi,

You have a nice blog with
excellent recipes & beautiful pictures. I vote for u recipe everyday in!


Lakshmik said...

Hi Nidhi

Thanks for the yummy recipe. I have been, of late, collecting recipes for soups.

Maheswari said...

Mouthwatering soup..perfect for a winter day..Thanks nidhi.

Menu Today said...

Hi Nidhi,
Healthy soup for all ages. Thanks for sharing.

indosungod said...

Nidhi wonderful soupd for the cold winter days ahead. Even the color looks amazing Beets do help.

Brilynn said...

Beautiful presentation! It's definitely soup weather.

archana said...

Ihave read ur previous posts too and found that u r very creative.This idea of putting dried methi+italian herbs in the soup is a novel idea.

Sushma said...

Came across your website through Linda's website. You have a very beautiful blog. Wish you all the best for bell Pepper Ring contest.

I recently made Tomato-Basil Soup, would try your version, it looks good.

Pooja said...

Nice soup, and a perfect pic of it. :)
love the way you made it. i ma surely gonna try it once i gather all ingredients.
I am voting for you . and i wish that you win . best of luck.

Nidhi said...

Thanks Dilip, I am glad you liked it so much that you can smell the aroma there in UK. :)

Thanks Anu, I felt so happy after reading your wonderful comment on my blog. Please do keep visiting and trying my recipes. You can send me the pictures of the dishes that you have made on the following email address Cheers, Nidhi.

Thanks Sia, I hope that you will try my soup recipe. Let me know if you have any questions and yes Kasoori Methi is dried Methi leaves.

Thanks Asha, Good to know that you really think that way. Will try to make you all proud once again.

Thanks Jacob, indeed its good for chilling winter evenings.

Thanks Sri, sure you can have it :)

Thanks a lot Hema for voting for my recipe and I am glad to know that you liked my blog and thanks for adding me on your blog as well. Keep visiting..

Thanks Sandeepa, I always try to be a little more creative with my presentation of food cos it should be appealing to your eyes first :)

Thanks Seema, I am glad to know that you liked it. Please do try it and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Trupti, Good to know that you also like Tomato bisque soup as much as I do. And ya, thanks a lot for voting for me.

Thanks Swapna, you should try it for yourself :) and let me know if you have anything to ask for.

Thanks Just For Fun, please try it and let me know. Cheers...

Thanks Jasmine, you are right...we also do the same thing sometimes and enjoy it a lot.

Thanks Russ, Please do try it and Keep visiting....

Thanks Linda, soups are indeed best in winter to keep you warm as well as to satisfy your appetite.

Thanks Coffee, Keep visiting....

Thanks Viji, I am happy to know that you liked the presentation of soup. Keep coming for more. Enjoy.

Thanks Vini, It is a very different yet delicious combination. Try it and you will know it for yourself.

Thanks Kate, I so happy to know that you liked my blog a lot and are voting for my recipe each day. Thanks a lot and Keep visiting can email me at, if you have any questions. Cheers!

Thanks Lakshmi, Glad you found another one. Please try it and let me know if you like it or not.

Thanks Maheswari, it is indeed perfect for a winter evening...Keep visiting!

Thanks Menu Today, Keep visiting!

Thanks Indu, I am happy to know that you liked it and yes beet is a wonderful natural coloring agent.

Thanks Brilynn, Keep coming for more..

Thanks Archana, I am so delighted to know that you like my posts so much. Keep Visiting...

Thanks Sushma, Thanks for visiting my blog and appreciating it. Keep coming for more. Cheers...

Thanks Pooja, Its so comforting to know that you are voting for me each day. I am also happy to know that you liked my soup so much. Enjoy...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nithi,

Wonderful and Great recipe. I'd tried and it came out really good.Thanks a lot for sharing your recipes and cooking ideas
- Chitra;)